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Roy Baumeister   Self-control, Planning, and Experience Sampling    article   
Godehard Brüntrup   Weakness of the Will and Self-Knowledge    article   
Malte Friese   Is Ego Depletion Real? An Analysis of Arguments    article   
Thomas Goschke   Neural Correlates of Real-Life Self-Control: Activity in Performance-Monitoring and Cognitive Control Networks Predicts Daily Self-Control Failures    article   
Wilhelm Hofmann   On Balancing Labor and Leisure: Testing a Process Model of Perceived Opportunity Costs    article   
Michael Inzlicht   Ego depletion in a replication crisis world: A more nuanced account    article   
Veronika Job   Antecedents of Lay Beliefs about Willpower: Cultural Context and Autonomy    article   
Hugo M. Kehr   The 3C-Model of Motivation and its Conception of a Dual Function of Volitional Self-Control    article   
Marina Milyavskaya   Motivation and Self-Regulation: Processes Through which Want-to and Have-to Motivation Lead to Goal Attainment    article   
Markus Quirin   Effective Self-Regulation: Action Orientation, Self-Access and Affective Consonance Production    article   
Dianne Tice   Situational Humility and Self-Control    article   
Yaacov Trope   Expansive and Contractive Regulatory Scope    article